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What kind of anesthesia will I have during the operation of Anal Fistula?

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Mr. Samuel O. Ike - from Kenya Low Cost Anal Fistula Surgery in India

I am Mr. Samuel O. Ike and I am from Kenya. I came to get my Low Cost Anal Fistula Surgery in India through Urocare INDIA consultants. I researched for surgeons all over. But, the reason for getting Anal Fistula surgery done in India is the appealing cost. I got in touch with Urocare INDIA Consultants on the internet. I gave them all the details and their reply was very fast asking for more details. They arranged everything for my Anal Fistula Surgery in India. Before my Surgery I had to suffer from many problems like peritonitis, faecal incontinence, inflammation and dermatitis. I anyhow wanted to get rid of this disease but was in search of a good medical services provider who would provide very good services according to my budget. When I came to India I was pleased by the extensive elegant hospital and the care provided to me. The surgeon was very nice and very much professional. The facilities and all the assistance needed by me were available with all the amenities which a patient may need at any point of time.

Urocare INDIA had provided me a wonderful hospital with friendly staff for my Anal Fistula Surgery in India. After my surgery in India I don’t have any problems in my body like the peritonitis, dermatitis and the inflammation and I am feeling very comfortable. All the problems which I was suffering like the pains have solved just because of the skilled hands of the doctor who operated on me and I want to thank Dr. Amol Vadyia and his team for providing such a wonderful treatment facilities and services for my Anal Fistula Surgery in India.

Thank you
Mr. Samuel O. Ike


Several different kinds of anesthesia can be used during the operation of Anal Fistula and the method will be tailored to your particular needs and wishes. Most patients will require general anesthesia, and will be asleep for the entire procedure. Some patients are better suited to a spinal or caudal anaesthetic. This is a small injection in the lower back to numb the area so that you will not feel the surgery. With a spinal or caudal anaesthetic, you will be conscious and able to talk to the anesthetist during the procedure. Some patients who undergo day-case surgery or 23-hour-stay surgery will not require a general anaesthetic for the operation of Anal Fistula. Instead, controlled sedation and the injection of local anaesthetic can allow the operation of Anal Fistula to be performed painlessly and a rapid recovery. Most patients who have had sedation do not remember the surgery taking place.

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India is another world renowned center for medical tourism which offers the best of facilities at very low costs for Anal Fistula surgery. The doctors are well trained and well versed with the procedures involved in Anal Fistula surgery and aftercare. The country is renowned for offering some of the most high tech treatment facilities. India has developed a vast resource of best medical professionals providing the best medical facilities for the patient coming to India for Anal Fistula surgery. Indian infrastructure and technology is on par with that in USA, UK and Europe, we also have some of the most qualified and experienced doctors in the world add to this instant administration and round-the clock attention. We offer low-cost but world-class medical treatment and couple it with a holiday that you will remember for a lifetime. The top-notch Indian private hospitals are a huge draw for medical tourists from around the world for various types of surgery and treatment in India. And besides having Anal Fistula Surgery in India the international patients have the opportunity to explore the rich Indian heritage sites and other most picturesque places based in the coastal areas of Goa and Kerala, where Mother Nature has given its own beauty and pleasure.



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