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Post surgery precautions for Anal Fistula Surgery

Affordable Cost Cost Anal Fistula Surgery in India

Mr. Samuel O. Ike - from Kenya Low Cost Anal Fistula Surgery in India

I am Mr. Samuel O. Ike and I am from Kenya. I came to get my Low Cost Anal Fistula Surgery in India through Urocare INDIA consultants. I researched for surgeons all over. But, the reason for getting Anal Fistula surgery done in India is the appealing cost. I got in touch with Urocare INDIA Consultants on the internet. I gave them all the details and their reply was very fast asking for more details. They arranged everything for my Anal Fistula Surgery in India. Before my Surgery I had to suffer from many problems like peritonitis, faecal incontinence, inflammation and dermatitis. I anyhow wanted to get rid of this disease but was in search of a good medical services provider who would provide very good services according to my budget. When I came to India I was pleased by the extensive elegant hospital and the care provided to me. The surgeon was very nice and very much professional. The facilities and all the assistance needed by me were available with all the amenities which a patient may need at any point of time.

Urocare INDIA had provided me a wonderful hospital with friendly staff for my Anal Fistula Surgery in India. After my surgery in India I don’t have any problems in my body like the peritonitis, dermatitis and the inflammation and I am feeling very comfortable. All the problems which I was suffering like the pains have solved just because of the skilled hands of the doctor who operated on me and I want to thank Dr. Amol Vadyia and his team for providing such a wonderful treatment facilities and services for my Anal Fistula Surgery in India.

Thank you
Mr. Samuel O. Ike


India offers world class medical facilities as comparable to any other countries. Indian Hospitals have best qualified doctors with latest infrastructure, best medical facilities for Anal Fistula Surgery at a most competitive price. Making use of the best medical knowledge of the surgery, the surgeons in India also advice you Post Surgery Precautions for Anal Fistula Surgery and thus helps you throughout after your surgery. The Indian medical tourism provides best quality of treatment and we believe in understanding the needs of patients and travelers to India. One can get the anal fistula surgery treatment at Affordable cost in India and this can be packaged with an attractive travel package in South India which is famous for Pilgrimage places, scenic (Hill station, Waterfalls, Forest), Heritage Places, Beaches like Goa, Mangalore, Cochin etc. Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine native to India, and practiced in other parts of the world as a form of alternative medicine. Ayurveda treatment, massages, Naturopathy treatments can also be packaged in the tour.

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The Post surgery precautions for anal fistula surgery are as follows-

  • For about a week after surgery, soak the affected area three to four times a day in a warm bath. This can be a normal bath or a sitz bath. A sitz bath is specifically intended for recovery from this kind of procedure. This procedure is one of the important post surgery precautions for anal fistula surgery. Simply sit in a small tub of warm water for 20 to 30 minutes, allowing the water to cover your hips entirely. Slight drainage may continue to occur for a few days after surgery.

  • Other post surgery precautions for anal fistula surgery include, wearing a small pad of gauze under the affected area to avoid damaging your clothes, should eat light foods rich in vitamins, radish, melon and other fresh vegetables, fruit. Establish a normal diet habits, due to the occurrence of anal fistula with heat related, for greasy food, can be endogenous heat, so should not eat.

  • Prevention and treatment of constipation and diarrhea is very important post surgery precaution for anal fistula because the prevention of anorectic abscess is important, since the stool dry and easily bruised anal sinus, together with bacterial invasion and infection.



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