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Penectomy Surgery

You are wishing to have a successful penectomy surgery you can get it in India at very low cost as compared to your own native country with the best medical facility availed in the field. Planning and getting a successful penectomy in India at Delhi,Mumbai and Chennai would depend upon your choice of the surgeon and hospital who are to provide you the peocedure.Penectomy is the complete or partial removal of the penis. The scrotum and testicles are almost always removed first—this results in the appearance of a genderless state, although many remain sexually active. In most cases, the base of the penis is left on to some extent. "Removal of the penis is desired by some gay males, usually those who are already made eunuchs. Some eunuchs later desire penis removal only after having been eunuchs for several years. Removal of the penis is involved and requires significantly greater skill than removal of the testes. Use of elastrator bands is recommended to prevent loss of blood. Advanced techniques of nullification include severing the suspensor ligaments to drop the penis. Now penectomy  is available in India at low cost with advanced  techniquse used to produce a urinary outlet lower down for convenience.

A penectomy is surgical treatment for advanced cases of penile cancer. It is the surgical removal of all, or part of the penis. As horrific as these sounds, it is common, and the most effective treatment. When a partial penectomy is done, only the tip of the penis is removed. Sexual intercourse is still possible, and orgasm can still be achieved. During a full penectomy, the entire penis is removed. The groin and lymph nodes may be removed, depending on the stage of the cancer. An opening is made between the scrotum and anus for the urethra. The patient will still maintain bladder control. There is no possibility of sexual intercourse after a full penectomy. This is often the most devastating side effect of the surgery. There are many sexual therapists who specialize in sexual health after a penectomy, who can help teach techniques to gain sexual pleasure. In patients treated with radiation therapy, urethrectomy, or partial penectomy, Complications include urethral stricture formation and development of urethral fistulae. Urinary incontinence may occur because of bladder overactivity and severe urgency or from damage to the external sphincter, which may lead to stress incontinence or progress to total urinary incontinence.

India is one of the most desired destinations in the world for medical tourists to get penectomy. India is well known for providing successful penectomy, areas of advanced medicine in which India is generally considered a global leader. Probably no country has been in the news for medical tourism than India in 2005-06, and the government and private hospital groups both seem committed to a goal of making the subcontinent a world leader in the industry. Indian medical industry's main appeal is low-cost treatment. Most estimates claim treatment costs in India start at around a tenth of the price of comparable treatment in America or Britain. Moreover Indian hospitals also provide more personalized care than available in west. In India MEDICAL infrastructure and technology is on par with that in U.S.A, U.K and Europe, we also have some of the most qualified and experienced doctors in the world. addition to this instant administration and best hospital care is the key attraction in India. India offers low-cost but world-class medical treatment and couple it with a holiday that you will remember for a lifetime. Packages of penectomy in India includes your stay, your transport from airport to hospital, food as per required, your pre- operative and post operative investigation fees, surgeon fees and medicines required for surgery. Medical tourism in India also provides a combine package to an exotic tourist destination as per your choice.


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