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Green Light PVP Surgery

PVP Greenlight Laser is one of the alternate treatment methods for obstruction in the flow of urine in the bladder, which is caused by an enlarged prostate. Although TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate) is still the most common treatment, PVP Greenlight Laser provides a less invasive treatment alternative.

This procedure requires only light anesthesia and a short hospital visit and the recovery is significantly faster after this. The doctor will remove the catheter after a couple of days as it helps to drain the bladder till the urine is clear. Patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities for around 10 days following the surgery.

Who can choose PVP Greenlight Laser treatment?

Anybody who has been advised a TURP by the doctor is eligible for a PVP Greenlight Laser treatment.

However exception is made for patients who have been unable to pass water, or have a prostate which has enlarged to more than 60 cc and even those who need to have biopsy done of the prostate in a pathology laboratory.

What does PVP Greenlight Laser treatment do?

Similar to the TURP, this procedure also removes tissue to relieve the pressure on the urethra. It uses a laser probe which is inserted and guided towards the enlarged tissue mass. The laser is used to deteriorate the abnormal tissue mass with heat energy. This procedure does not require a bladder irrigation as the heat from the laser cauterizes tissue bleeding.

The procedure is less invasive and there is significantly less bleeding also. This makes the hospital stay shorter and also helps in recovering faster from the surgery. It is common to feel a stinging or burning sensation for a little while after the surgery, and this may last for almost 6 to even 8 weeks.

There may be slight traces of blood in the urine after this surgery so drink sufficient quantities of water for a few days to clear it. Clots may often be passed as late as 10 days to almost 2 weeks however it is part of the recovery period following the surgery.

As is seen with any invasive procedure, there is risk of infection too however a significant side effect is that the person will stop ejaculating normally. As the contraction that occurs while having an orgasm may not block the entrance of the bladder completely and the semen will flow back into the bladder, also called as ‘dry’ or ‘retrograde’ ejaculation. Although this is not harmful it will affect the fertility to a large extent.

Where can I get PVP Greenlight Laser Treatment?

There are numerous advanced healthcare centers all across India that offers this treatment. You can get PVP Greenlight Laser treatment for a fraction of the cost in Indian cities, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, etc.

What are the advantages of PVP Greenlight Laser?

These are the distinct advantages provided by PVP Greenlight Laser treatment:

  • Less bleeding (if any) and less pain

  • No blood transfusion is required

  • Faster recovery

  • Quicker way to resume normal everyday activities

  • Urinating ability improves significantly

What is Holmium Laser?

The HoLEP (Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate) is another innovative alternate treatment for BHP (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).

The surgeon will perform this procedure after administering general anesthesia to avoid pain or discomfort to the patient during the procedure. The surgeon will insert a small surgical tube with a miniature video camera attached to its end through the urethral opening at the tip of the penis. Another miniature surgical device known as the ‘morcellator’ helps to cut the prostate tissue into smaller pieces.

This procedure will usually require a stay in the hospital and the catheter is removed within a couple of days, till the urine gets clear. The rate of success is higher for this procedure as the entire affected part of the prostate gland is removed.

What are the advantages of Holmium Laser treatment?

These are the distinct advantages of Holmium Laser Treatment:

  • Less chances of bleeding as no incisions are made

  • Requires no hospital stay or it may be for a very short time

  • Faster recovery as compared to conventional procedures

  • Does not require catheter use for long

  • Faster results

What makes Laser TURP better than conventional TURP?

In conventional TURP procedure:

  • There is need for blood thinners to be stopped at least a week or 10 days before the procedure. This may develop a risk of circulatory problems with the heart.

  • Conventional TURP procedures can achieve tissue removal rate of around 1 gram/minute which is not efficient for larger prostate glands.

  • Conventional TURP results in more bleeding than the laser surgery.

  • The post-operative hospital stay is also longer until the catheter is removed.

In Laser TURP procedures:

  • The DIODE laser can help to disintegrate prostate tissue at a rate of over 3 to 4 grams/minute and uses minimally invasive endoscopic methods.

  • Ideal for large sized prostate gland.

  • Laser TURP is simpler and more effective comparatively.

  • This procedure is also good for resolving problems in the lower urinary tract

How much can Laser Prostate surgery in India cost me?

The advanced and highly-efficient world-class hospitals in India offer ultra-modern laser treatment for BPH for as low as USD 5000. This is an estimated cost which also considers an ideal cost for stay in a private room for 4 days accompanied with a friend or relative. It also estimates the cost of surgeon’s fee, medications and nursing care, etc.

For a more accurate estimate you can simply email us your latest medical reports and current health condition status, which will also be reaffirmed with additional tests when you are about to undergo the procedure.

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