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It all started in mid 80’s when the concept of outsourcing healthcare was introduced to India by some corporate hospitals. During these three decades Indian Healthcare industry has been through a drastic change. From a very few handful corporate hospitals to more than a hundred tertiary care multispecialty hospitals, India today is one of the leading and most preferred healthcare destinations in the world.

Today, an international patient traveling to India has more than a hundred options to choose from. However, choosing the right hospital and right doctor is a real challenge.

UroCare INDIA is India’s dedicated portal for Urological treatment. Our goal is to provide world-class patient care helping men, women of all ages overcome issues related to urology with the most effective treatments available. Whether you have been diagnosed with Kidney Stone or your biopsy report came positive, we will take your case on priority and within a short span of time, we will provide you with opinion from the best doctors.

We have helped hundreds of patients in making an informed decision by providing them precise information needed for them to compare benefits of different hospitals and doctors.

Our doctors team compromises of highly qualified, experienced and Board Certified Urosurgeons,  Gynecologists, Andrologists, Infertility specialists and Sex therapists. Also all our network hospitals and clinics are NABH or JCI Certified, assuring you highest international standards.

We at UroCare INDIA understand that talking about and seeking a solution for your uro related problem can sometimes be embarrassing. That is why we GAURANTEE 100% PRIVACY. Your details are shared only with your treating doctor.

Patient Satisfaction Story

My name is Mohammad Abubakar and I am 63 yrs old and I am from Ghana. I was a very healthy man, until one day I started complaining of burning sensation while urinating. I thought it was because of the unhealthy diet I was having lately and hence I avoided the symptoms. After 4-5 days I was still complaining of burning and pain, hence I decided to meet my urologist. I met him the other day and he advised me to go through some test including PSA. I was well aware what elevated PSA levels could mean and I was patiently waiting for my results. I was a little worried when my Doctor called me to discuss the results. My PSA was very high, he told me and that was the first sign of fear that prevailed through my body. He further suggested some more tests including the Biopsy, Bone Scan and Gleason Score.  

All the test results came out positive and I was officially diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I would not say I was not prepared or I was shocked, but once you hear the word Cancer, everything changes.

It took me a few days to gather myself up. I started looking for latest treatment options on the internet and that is how I came in contact with Urocare India. We exchanged a couple of emails and they shared all the information related to the disease. I was lucky enough to have been diagnosed at early stage. Hence I had a very good option of surgery available for my stage. UroCare INDIA arranged every thing for me. These people helped me as I am their family. Within 15 days I was in India at one of the best hospitals for Prostate Cancer. I met the doctor and found him very confident. He showed me the right amount of compassion needed at that time. He finalized the surgery date and everything went smooth. Its been now 8 days and I am recovering very well. I would really like to thank UroCare INDIA team for helping me find the right hospital. I have asked them to open an office in Ghana because we people really need them. Prostate Cancer is very common among Africans and most of the patients die because of the unavailability of the right amount of information. We have to tell them you are not alone, there are many like you who have been diagnosed with Cancer and they are fighting, they are fighting it hard.

Thank you
Mohammad Abubakar


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