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HIFU for Prostate Cancer Surgery in India

Radical Prostatectomy Surgery in India - Kenya PatientHIFU is a non-invasive treatment which uses ultrasound waves through a computer-controlled rectal probe. The ultrasound waves generate temperatures of around 85˚ C in the prostate. The ultrasound waves are sent in a precise manner which allows it to target only the targeted tissue and cause no harm to the surrounding tissues or organs. Men with T-1 and T-2 stage of prostate cancer are efficiently treated using HIFU treatment for prostate cancer.

This is an advanced and highly precise technology that is sophisticated and accurately controlled. Conventional ultrasound imaging guidance helps to perform this procedure in a more effective manner. Sensitive instruments show change in the type of tissue inside the prostate through ultrasound, which helps to target only the cancer-affected tissues.

As there are no incisions required in this procedure, it is mostly performed as an outpatient procedure. The patient is normally discharged from the hospital the same day.

How does HIFU help in treatment of Prostate Cancer?

Today, prostate cancer is one of the biggest causes of mortality and morbidity in men. It is among the most common organ cancers that affect men. Prostate cancer is the second major cause of death amongst men today. However, only about 5% of men with early stage prostate cancer are at risk of dying.

Today, there are several treatment options, including radiation therapy, surgical treatment, castration, hormonal therapy. At times, the condition also improves on its own. The disease is frequently seen in men above 45 years of age. According to several research studies, every year sees around 40,000 deaths from prostate cancer all around the world. However, today it has become easier to detect this cancer in its early stages through regular prostate exams.

The exact cause for prostate cancer is yet unknown. However, there are several factors that make prostate cancer more likely to occur. These may include genetic (hereditary) factors or race as African Caribbean men are more vulnerable to this cancer as compared to men of other races.

In its early stages, prostate cancer may not exhibit any symptoms. In a few cases, the patient may not even see or feel the symptoms in the latter stages as well.

The rate of growth (malignancy) of the prostate cancer varies greatly and it may not even be a risk to the patient’s health at times. However, faster-growing and aggressive forms of cancers are more harmful.

There are several treatment options for prostate cancer in men. The most advanced is the HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound). The HIFU treatment is performed by urologists. It is an outpatient procedure which uses advanced computer-controls. If you are wondering if HIFU is safe, then be assured that this is one of the safest and most effective treatments for prostate cancer in men.

AS HIFU is highly-precise, it destroys only the cancer-affected tissue and avoids damage to the surrounding health tissue it is one of the safest prostate cancer treatment procedures designed till date. Apart from this, this treatment requires almost no hospitalization and a shorter recovery due to lack of incisions.

Complications are rarely seen after a HIFU procedure for treating prostate cancer in men.

In European countries, HIFU has been performed since the past over 15 years. However, the procedure is not available currently in the US. India offers an ideal choice for patients looking to get advanced and effective HIFU prostate cancer treatment at an affordable price.

Am I an ideal candidate for HIFU treatment of prostate cancer?

You are considered an ideal candidate for prostate cancer treatment using HIFU technique if:

  • Your prostate cancer is localized and your body has good anesthetic tolerance.

  • You are not ready to wait to determine the seriousness of the prostate cancer.

  • You understand the details of this procedure and have chosen it over alternative prostate cancer treatments such as radiation, surgery and cryoablation.

Radical Prostatectomy Surgery in India - Kenya Patient

How does HIFU treat prostate cancer?

HIFU works by destroying the cancer-affected prostate tissue with heat. The ultrasound waves transmitted from the device are able to generate heat in the targeted tissue. This heat is helpful to damage and destroy the cancerous prostate tissue cells.

What are the advantages of undergoing HIFU for prostate cancer treatment in India?

HIFU is a fairly fast treatment and is performed mostly as an outpatient procedure. The surgeon may administer general or local anesthesia to avoid any type of pain or discomfort during the procedure.

HIFU does not require any incisions so there is no risk for loss of blood and the recovery is also comparatively faster. If required, this procedure can also be safely repeated. It is also one of the safest techniques for treating prostate cancer as it does not cause damage to the healthy tissues.

What is the cost of HIFU treatment for prostate cancer in India?

India has a wide network of world-class hospitals and advanced healthcare centers. The healthcare infrastructure in India today rivals that of many developed countries. Indian doctors are well-trained and the surgeons are highly-experienced. The cost of for simple and complex treatments in India is significantly lower than from elsewhere abroad.

For patients from the US, the cost of getting an HIFU treatment for prostate cancer in India is around a fraction of the cost of the procedure in the US.

How successful is HIFU treatment for prostate cancer?

HIFU maintains over 90% success rate for treating prostate cancers effectively. The candidates chose HIFU over conventional cancer treatments, such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc. A radical prostatectomy and an HIFU will give the same success results. Its non-invasive nature is also another part that attracts more prostate cancer patients to this procedure.

How do I prepare for the HIFU treatment of prostate cancer?

A bowel preparation needs to be taken at home a day prior to the HIFU treatment for prostate cancer. A light breakfast is advised on the surgery day however the rest of the meals are mostly fluid. You should stop drinking water at least 2 hours prior to the surgery.

You will be required to get admitted to the hospital on the morning of the HIFU treatment day. This lets the doctor perform essential tests, including ECG, x-ray tests and blood tests.

A general overall physical examination may be performed by the doctor before the treatment begins.

What are the main benefits of having HIFU for prostate cancer treatment?

The main benefits for choosing HIFU treatment for prostate cancer are:

  • 90% success rate of HIFU for treating prostate cancer

  • Non-invasive and incision-free procedure with no chances of infection

  • Precision of HIFU prevents damage to surrounding healthy tissues and organs

  • Alternative cancer treatments are always an option if HIFU is unsuccessful for any reason

Radical Prostatectomy Surgery in India - Kenya Patient
Why to get HIFU treatment for Prostate Cancer in India?

India is home to one of the most advanced and largest network of high-end hospitals and healthcare centers from around the world. The doctors, physicians, surgeons and other medical staff in these advanced hospitals are superbly-trained and have efficient experience in treating prostate cancer using HIFU technique. The cost of treatment of prostate cancer in India is remarkably low as compared with other countries, especially the US and European countries.

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