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Brachytherapy Surgery in India

Best Cost Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer Treatment in Top Hospital Surgeon in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Banglore INDIABrachytherapy makes it possible to treat the cancer with a high total dose of radiation in a concentrated area in a short period of time. In Brachytherapy, sealed radioactive sources are placed in the body, in or near the cancer. A sealed radioactive source is often called an implant. The different ways of placing the implant in the body are:

  • Interstitial The implant is placed right into the tumour (for example, into the prostate).

  • Intracavitary The implant is placed in special applicators inside a body cavity (for example, inside the cervix).

  • Intraluminal The implant is placed in special applicators inside a body passage (for example, inside the esophagus).

  • Surface or mold The implant is placed on the surface of a tumour (for example, on the eye).

If you have Brachytherapy, you will need to be at the hospital for several hours or longer. Having an implant inserted is usually done in a hospital operating room using a local or general anesthetic. Imaging tests, such as an ultrasound or a CT scan, may be used to make sure the implant is placed correctly, and computers are used help calculate and plan treatment.

Implants come in different shapes (in the form of seeds, needles or wires) and can contain different radioactive materials. Implants can be permanent or temporary.

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Permanent implants

A permanent implant stays in place forever. The implant (sometimes called a seed) releases small doses of radiation slowly over a period of time, until the radioactivity gradually fades away.

The radiation affects only a very small area around the implant, and there is little danger of it affecting other people. You may, however, need to take certain safety measures for a period of time. Your radiation therapy team will talk to you about what you need to do after having a permanent

Temporary implants

A temporary implant does not stay in place forever. If you have a temporary implant, part of the process will be to have special applicators (such as hollow tubes) placed in the body. These are used to deliver the radiation sources. Temporary implants can be either low-dose-rate or high-dose-rate:

Low-dose-rate therapy

If you have low-dose-rate therapy, you may need to stay in the hospital for a few days. Once the applicator is in place, the radioactive sources will be inserted into it. Once they are inserted, you will need to stay in a special room in the hospital or cancer centre. Hospital procedures are in place to protect hospital staff and visitors from the radiation. Members of your radiation therapy team may limit their time in your room, and children and pregnant women won’t be allowed to visit you.

The radioactive implant delivers the dose slowly during your stay. You will not feel the treatment as it is being given, but if an applicator is holding the implant in place, you may find it somewhat uncomfortable. Depending on where the applicator is placed, you may have to stay in bed and lie still to keep it from shifting. If you need it, you may be given some medicine to help you relax or relieve pain.

When your treatment is done, the radioactive sources and applicator will be removed and it will be safe for others to be with you. This will likely be done in your hospital room and you won’t need anesthetic. The treated area may be sore or sensitive for some time.

High-dose-rate therapy

If you have high-dose-rate therapy, it may be done on an outpatient basis. Once the applicator is in place, it can be attached to a machine that is able to give high doses of radiation. The machine sends the radioactive sources to specific spaces within the applicator. Treatment takes a few minutes and once it is finished, the radioactive sources go back into the machine. You are not radioactive.

Depending on the area being treated, you may have one to six sessions over a period of time. The only time that you are kept away from other people is during the actual treatment.

Once your treatment is completely finished, your applicator will be removed. An anesthetic is not usually needed and most can be taken out right in your hospital room. The area that has been treated may be sore or sensitive for some time.

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What preparations are required to be done before the procedure of Brachytherapy?

Surgeons and doctors will decide about the preparations that need to be done before Brachytherapy after seeing the health requirements of their patients. However the primary elements of preparation are as follows:

  1. Pre-treatment ultrasound, MRI or CT scan

  2. Blood tests

  3. Electrocardiogram

  4. Bowel preparation 

The surgeon might also use computer programs to plan Brachytherapy  before providing the actual treatment. The patient will be given specific instructions about preparing for the procedure of Brachytherapy a few days before the procedure.

Best Cost Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer Treatment in Top Hospital Surgeon in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Banglore INDIA

What are the advantages of Brachytherapy in India?

Following are the advantages of getting the procedure of Brachytherapy treatment in India:

  1. India has well equipped medical centers, these centers have modern facilities and latest techniques for performing the procedure of Brachytherapy. They have modern medical state of art facilities that lays focus on providing pleasant, safe and efficient medical solutions to patients.

  2. India offers affordable price quotes when it comes to providing quality oriented medical treatment to abroad patients. These prices are lesser than those that are seen at expensive hospitals of USA, Canada, UK and some other countries of Europe.

  3. International accredited partner hospitals, patient centered approach with well equipped facilities.

  4. English speaking staff, providing personalized and caring service at par with any best hospital in the world.

  5. Extensive investments have been made to ensure that all medical centers are equipped with modern facilities, internationally accredited hospitals of India are capable of handling the latest techniques and procedures.

  6. These state-of-the-art facilities focus on what matters: more effective, efficient and pleasant solutions for patients.

  7. With all medical centers equipped with modern facilities, medical centers in India are able to provide shorter waiting time.

  8. Patients may be hospitalized upon arrival, and examinations and work-up tests are usually addressed promptly.

  9. The Indian government has made it easier for visitors seeking health treatments to enter the country.

  10. With the relevant letter from the medical centre at which you will be receiving your medical treatment, you may enjoy up to six months of visa extension.

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